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Yoga retreats

For the best yoga retreats in the world, Kerala is the place to be. This tropical paradise in Southern India is famous for its paddy fields, serene beaches and emerald backwaters. Set in Kerala’s stunning backdrop the Tailor Fare yoga retreat is a must for all yogis. The retreat teaches both the traditional and classical art of hatha yoga and classes are offered twice a day. Included in the classes are the two ancient yoga arts of pranayama and meditation. To make things more interesting, you will be accompanied by Pretti Bulsara, an experienced yoga teacher from the UK. Designed for detoxification and rejuvenation, this yoga retreats is a paradise for all those seeking tranquility and peace of mind.

While yoga retreats are the main reason why many visit Kerala it is not the only thing to do. As part of the package from this retreat, you get to spend a night on a traditional Kerala houseboat while cruising the emerald backwaters of the area. In addition, you get to tour the culturally rich town of Cochin and explore some of the town’s ancient sights. After sightseeing treat yourself to Ayurvedic massage, health treatments and other amenities that are offered by the premium hotels offered as part of the leisure package.

The yoga retreats include seven days and eight nights of daily yoga classes for all levels as well as premium accommodation at two locations, a beach resort included. Also, included in the package is a complimentary yoga mat and airport transfer services. The yoga classes include breathing exercises or pranayama, postures or asanas, and guided relaxation. The postures and breathing techniques employed provide you with a holistic approach to all your needs.

The tour itinerary of the Kerala experience includes a one night stay in a traditional houseboat while exploring the interconnected network of interconnected lagoons in Allepey. The latter chain of lagoons is parallel to the Arabian Sea Coast and links 1500 KM of canal to five major lakes and is known as Kerala Backwaters. While onboard the houseboat you will enjoy traditional Kerala food prepared on board chefs. This makes the experience the more exciting. The cruise will give you an opportunity to appreciate Kerala’s beautiful open paddy fields. This is in addition to catching a glimpse of traditional life in Kerala. Additionally, there will be a day tour of Cochin that will entail a stay in a beach resort. A visit to Vypee island will also be part of the yoga retreats.

While at Vypee Island, you will be staying at the Sea Lagoon Health Center. The twice a day yoga classes continue even on the island. While at the Center you can enjoy some of the amenities on offer. These include a swimming pool, Ayurveda wellness center, a library and a theater for film screenings. Excursions, water sports, and backwater boating can be arranged for you. In essence, this yoga retreat has everything you require to rejuvenate and detoxify your body. Also, the amenities available will help you relax and enjoy your stay. In conclusion, Kerala being the home of the best yoga retreats is a must visit

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